Private service staff and a uniform


Today uniforms are an integral part of numerous professions: policemen, nurses, professional sports players, and many more. They proudly wear the clothes that allow us to recognize them and that make interactions with the public and colleagues easier.

When it comes to private service, the rules are not as clear.  

For professional housekeeper is appearance and comfort important. We focused on the quality of materials and design. In the field of work and protective equipment we selected for our housekeeper comfortable uniforms, which is specific for daily wear. The uniform meets our norms and standards. It has a presentable appearance ruby red color with white and has a very pleasant impression. It has 2 pockets and vents mounted for movement in the back. Pleasant elastic material d90 STRETCH, delivers a housekeeper comfort wearing.

Some of our clients during our discussions prior to recruitment into the households is important every detail about the housekeeper uniform or another worker in the household. This requirement is not obsolete or even too conservative.

Especially when we deliver more staff to one household or business (housekeeper, gardener, house manager, janitor, cooker ...). We provider all of these individual services for clients. You want them to wear it proudly, to feel comfortable and to look good when you have guests, customers or clients in case of company.

Many employees work long hours, sometimes 10 or more hours per day. They will need two uniforms: a simple, comfortable one for the morning and afternoon, when most housekeeping and cleaning tasks are done.

It can be as simple as a pant and polo or tunic. The second uniform, more formal, will be worn for lunch and dinner service and for special occasions. It officially represents your household. It is more elegant and may bear your family's initials.

Wearing a uniform is important. It builds a sense of belonging and strengthens team spirit, which is essential to provide high-quality service. A uniform complements the work done by your private staff. The uniform represents you and describes your household. 

It's your own branding