Training Services

Each of our housekeeper and workers undergoing professional training

Training overview:

Purchase of required food.

At the client's request, the housekeeper can buy his favorite and preferred food or foods that need for cooking.


Housekeepers are always trying to satisfy the taste of the clients.

Short term rental services

Perfect cleaning
Addition of shampoos, soaps, toilet paper
Checking the apartment and record any damage

Cleaning the home.

Key competencies:

Getting to know the kitchen and other household goods and tools


How to serve food and drinks

Making bed

General cleaning skills and techniques, and scheduling tasks

Cleaning toilets and schedule tasks

Washing dishes

Cleaning appliances

Cleaning the kitchen and schedule tasks

Cleaning of bedrooms and schedule tasks

Cleaning the dining room and schedule tasks

Cleaning the living room and schedule tasks

Kitchen management

Laundry, ironing and folding clothes


Care about your pet




Watering and cutting grass


Corporate social assistance to seniors:

assistance with housework

accompany to the doctor, to liberty, to the office, etc ..

ensuring meal, medications, mail, etc.