MaidProvider Agency

Professional training housekeepers


MaidProvider Agency was based on the lack of professional services of housekeepers and workers, while demand for this service in the market. In many countries, this service is standard. The high level of professionalism is our priority.
We identified core competencies. Each employee must meet certain criteria and we profiled ideal, that each housekeeper must be. Our training program has proved to be the most comprehensive. We are an agency that provides housekeepers with comprehensive training to households and companies.

Cooperation with clients:

Collaboration with clients is personal and based on trust. We care about quality, not the quantity. Our clients are people or companies who are looking for quality and service levels.

Our company is insured for damages.

Our company has a license for a permit for employment    mediation issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Code of Ethics MaidProvider Agency

Individual approach

1. Consultation:

   All clients have the option of a personal meeting with the managing director of the company.
At the meeting you will tell us your requirements for housekeeper including how mutual
cooperation should be carried out to your satisfaction.
   Consultations may be conducted by phone, email or in person.

   2. Order the service:

    To request our services, you can use the order form or call us at tel. +420 226 002 013
    On the order form we will send you an answer within 24 hours.

      3. Selection housekeeper:

    After processing your order, we will send the appropriate selection of housekeeper and free quote.
    All housekeepers meet our demanding selection criteria and are trained in a luxury residence in the heart of Prague

    4. Cognitive meeting:

Upon our selection of a suitable housekeeper, we offer you the opportunity to meet with her for your final approval.

   5. Expression:
    After the first meeting or first cleaning, you tell us if you are interested in continuing with the housekeeper or if you would like to try another one.

   6. Cooperation:
    After the final selection of housekeeper, we kindly ask you to sign service contract.


1) How housekeeper knows, what needs to be done in my house?

All our housekeepers are experienced, trained and have to follow codex of Maidprovider Agency. However, each household has different expectations and needs of each of us are different. For this reason, you are offered a meeting with the director of the company to discuss your requirements and ideas. Subsequently the supervisor has the option of directing the housekeeper to certain areas in which you would like to be given special attention. The housekeeper subsequently created guide specifically for your household. Supervisor oversees the housekeeper and supervising the work. Housekeeper helps with the preparation for the celebration,shopping, dinners, etc. according to prearranged requirements of the client.

2) Do I need to ensure cleaning products?

Yes, our clients prefer their own cleaning products because of the specific furniture, appliances and their habits. Please note that for reasons of housekeeper safety, can not use bleach.

3) What if I have a avacation?

We can take care your home during your absence. We care about many properties of our clients who are several months a year outside off the country. The possibilities of our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

4) What happens if I do not need a housekeeper for that day?

Our housekeepers are professional and are covered by indemnity insurance cover. Housekeepers can not be used for another client and the agency pays housekeeper regular wages. We can postpone the scheduled time housekeeper after you notify us of the change at least 48 hours in advance, but you need to choose a different day of the week.To cancel the service in a given week, the service must be paid because the agency has obligations to housekeepers that must be followed.

5) Do I have to be in the house when the housekeeper is in my household?

It's up to your discretion to let the housekeeper keys or perform alternative approach to enter the home when you are away. However, the decision is entirely up to you. The agency does not accept responsibility for the keys.

6) What if anything is damaged during the cleaning service?

Our housekeeper take care of your home with the utmost caution; However, if damage has occurred, we have insurance coverage.

7) Is there anything the housekeeper not allowed to do?

  • Cleaning by bleach is prohibited
  • Our housekeeper can not move heavy things, such as furniture ....
  • For safety reasons, the housekeeper can not climb to the heights
8) What if I am not satisfied with the housekeeper?
If you find that your needs are not being met or there is some other problem, please contact the agency.

9) Can the housekeeper focus on one particular room on regular visits?
Yes of course. Please call the agency or tell your requirements to your housekeeper on your first visit.

10) How I will tell the housekeeper if I need the following day to arrange minor matters?
With your housekeeper you will set a place in your home where you will communicate your needs and where you leave the cash to implement these requirements. The housekeeper will always leave in this place bills for you.
Minor matters are for example: small purchases, laundry, mail, direct cleaning essentials around the house, picking up food from restaurants, dog salon, veterinary, what would you like to have for dinner, fresh flowers etc ..

11) How do I know what the housekeeper need necessary for cleaning, garden or cooking?
With your housekeeper you will set a place in your home where you will mutually communicate your and evan housekepeer needs and where housekeeper will find the cash to implement these requirements. The housekeeper always leave you in this place bills. Housekeeper can informs you briefly, if at the time of her presence in your home something happened or broke. In this place she will inform you if she needs something for cleaning or cooking.

12) What are the procedures if I want to arrange a romantic dinner at home?
In these situations, always contact the agency. Tell us your idea and we will arrange everything for you. We work with one of the best restaurants in Prague, which can prepare menus and wine with a proposal and we will arrange everysting at your home.