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we believe the family is always in the first place. That is why our services focus on a better life for families. We provide individual services for unique needs. We take our work seriously and try to meet the different needs of the family.

Trust is a critical factor in the choice of services to households of families and their loved ones. It is very important for the provider of these services to have credible, efficient and reliable staff and to meet the client's requirements. With us you can be sure that our team of experienced staff will meet your requirements.

Our company is accredited in the Philippines at POEA, and we have obtained permission to legally hire Filipino employees for work in the Czech Republic and obtain the necessary Filipino licenses.

We offer Filipino workers to households that have undergone a demanding selection at our Manila branch.

Under Philippine government regulations, the employer is obliged to provide social and health insurance, tickets, accommodation and food where the candidate will work.

The Philippines are one of the most sought after countries for home workers.

There are many reasons why Filipino workers are very popular with clients. The most important is their loving and tolerant personality. They are sought after for their patience, calm nature, thoughtfulness and modesty.

On average, we select every seventh candidate who asks us to work.

Pre-selected candidates will not be published on our site in order to preserve the privacy of both sides, our employees and our clients.

Candidates are compulsorily documenting an extract from the criminal record, a proof of education, a valid passport and a medical certificate.

Our contract is comprehensive and transparent.

The terms and conditions are clearly stated without any hidden fees.

Our most valuable benefit is our friendly colleagues who are well versed in what we are looking for and demanding and are highly motivated to offer services at a consistent, excellent level.

We do not mail sensitive data about our employees without first meeting with you in our office because our employees 'personal information is private and confidential as well as our clients' data.

We take care of the individual needs of our clients, so we create an individual plan for our clients to make sure that their unique needs are met. From a free consultation, we can discuss with you what kind of care you are interested in and how the whole process would suit you. Once we find out, we are starting to work with this plan and make sure you are satisfied with the level of service we provide.

First step

All workers goes through a personal interview and checks the references at Manila office. Then we select only the most suitable for our company.

Second step

Selected workers are invited to the second round of interviews, where we discuss their ideas, requirements and requirements of our company towards our clients. There is a further selection of workers.

Third step

From the selected workers, after the second round, we develop a video presentation so that the client can see and hear the worker. Curriculum vitae is a matter of course.

Some clients already have their staff selected. Those who are still hesitating, we arrange interview with an employee to have the opportunity to make sure they choose the right one. After selecting a worker, our company prepares a contract and prepares the worker for travel to the Czech Republic. Every worker according to the government regulations passes through a demanding course on the given job position to be performed in the Czech Republic. All requisites according to the legal regulations on issuing visas for traveling to the Czech Republic are fulfilled. You are constantly informed as to what is going on, and we arrange the day of your arrival and arrival at home.

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