Isolation or loneliness is one of the reasons why seniors are avoiding a nursing home. Moving to a foreign location can be stressful, especially for those who have a certain physical ailment. Home care can provide the best of both worlds, providing proper medical and human attention.

Philippine Asistent / Companion, provides social and emotional needs that are more difficult for the elderly. Performs healthy activities and interaction necessary to maintain the health of seniors. He respects everyday routines, escorts for trips, holidays, doctors, etc. She provides fresh air and communicates with his family. She meets your everyday needs or your loved ones.

Studies show that nearly 90% of patients want to spend time at home. Compared to nursing care, home care is the least restrictive because it provides freedom and dignity. It allows patients to continue their daily routine without feeling incapacitated or inadequate.

Although hospitals or nursing homes provide state-of-the-art facilities, it is still possible for the client to receive the necessary care at home.

Philippine assistants take care of the needs:

Help with bathing and / or using the toilet

Hair care

Help with morning and evening hygiene

Home Cleaning, Washing and Ironing

Providing medicines and food

Cooking food and diet for any dietary regimen

Take care of pets

Society and care for a positive atmosphere